Our Instructors

Mike McLoughlin FI

Mike has decades of flying experience on numerous aircraft types. He has been a fixed wing instructor at Chatteris for the past 9 years and is now a Flight Examiner. Mike is also qualified to teach tail wheel conversions so is the person to call if you’ve just brought a tail dragger.

In addition to flight training Mike is also a FRTOL examiner and runs regular courses.


katieKatie Denham CFI

Katie runs the flying school at Chatteris, she has been flying the Ikarus C-42 for 10 years, and has been teaching people to fly at Chatteris for the past 5 years.



Chris Hasell Flight Examiner

Chris has many years of experience teaching on both fixed and flex wing microlights. Chris is a Flight Examiner and conducts some of the GSTs at Chatteris.