Learn to Fly

Mick just after getting his licence

Learning to fly is a fun challenge. Anyone can start learning from 14 years+, we currently have students from 14-85 years old. The only limit is that you must weigh 120kg (18 stone and 12.5 lbs) or less to fly the C-42.

A flying lesson consists of a briefing, an hour of flying and a debriefing afterwards so we allocate a two hour slot per lesson. Our time slots are: 10am-12pm 12pm-2pm and 2pm-4pm with 4pm-6pm being available from March to October.

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About the airfield:

Chatteris Airfield is an ideal place to learn, it is situated in uncongested and unrestricted airspace in North Cambridgeshire.
We have 4 runways offering 8 different directions of take off and landing so your training will not limited by cross-winds. Also being in the lowest rainfall part of the UK we offer more flyable days than most flying schools are able to Find us.