Our Aircraft

The Ikarus C-42 is one of the latest generation of high performance microlight aircraft, comfortable and fun to fly, it’s a fully enclosed 2-seater with a spacious cockpit and cabin heating for the winter months.
A sporty but stable aircraft with electric trim and ergonomic controls the C-42 is ideal for learners and a capable tourer for post licence flying. 

  • Cruise speed – 70kts (80mph)
  • Climb rate 1000ft per minute
  • Range – 375 miles
  • Maximum Take off weight – 450 KG


G-CVAL has the extra powerful 100hp Rotax 912S engine which allows us to climb to height quicker to make the most of each flying lesson.

It’s fully equipped with a panel mounted radio, cabin heat and a transponder with ADS-B capability (ADS-B increases our visibility to other aircraft and allows full flight tracking.)



G-CFBE joined us in October 2017, it has the 80hp Rotax 912 with an ultra efficient Neuform prop. It’s equipped with panel mounted radio, transponder with ADS-B, cabin heat and upgraded beringer brakes.

G-CFBE is available for our students to hire post licence.