katieKatie Denham CFI

Katie has been flying the Ikarus C-42 for 14 years and has more than 3000 hours on the type. She runs the flying school at Chatteris and has been teaching people to fly for 10 years.


Mike McLoughlin FI and Flight Examiner

Mike has decades of flying experience on numerous aircraft types and has been a fixed wing instructor at Chatteris for the past 14 years. Mike is also qualified to teach tail wheel conversions so is the person to call if you’ve just brought a tail dragger.


Super cool flying instructor Adrian Gardener FI(R)

Adrian first started flying at Chatteris in 2013 before becoming an instructor, he has been teaching at Chatteris for over 4 years. He is also a BMAA inspector with a special interest in avionics and regularly helps club members with technical issues. Adrian is available for teaching on Fridays and weekends.


Chris Hasell Flight Examiner

Chris has many years of experience teaching on both fixed and flex wing microlights. Chris is a Flight Examiner and conducts some of the GSTs at Chatteris.