The Ikarus C-42 is one of the latest generation of high performance microlight aircraft, comfortable and fun to fly, it’s a fully enclosed 2-seater with a spacious cockpit and cabin heating for the winter months.
A sporty but stable aircraft with electric trim and ergonomic controls the C-42 is ideal for learners and a capable tourer for post licence flying. 

  • Cruise speed – 70kts (80mph)
  • Climb rate 1000ft per minute
  • Range – 375 miles
  • Maximum Take off weight – 450 KG


G-CFBE has the world renowned 80hp Rotax 912 engine with an ultra efficient Neuform prop. It’s equipped with panel mounted radio and a transponder with ADS-B capability (ADS-B increases our visibility to other aircraft and allows full flight tracking.)

G-CFBE is also equipped with Pilot Aware, this new technology allows us to see all other aircaft fitted with transponders in the vicinity. The greatest advance in pilot safety in decades, all our school aircaft are equipped with Pilot Aware.

G-CFBE also has the upgraded beringer brakes and cabin heat for comfortable winter flying. It is available for our students to hire post licence.


Due for delivery in March 2019, G-KDEN will be a brand new Ikarus C-42B. Like G-CFBE it will have the 80hp Rotax 912 engine with the Neuform prop, the most efficient and quietest engine/prop combination available.

G-KDEN will also be equipped with panel mounted radio and cabin heat, plus ADS-B out and Pilot Aware for safety.