Treat a loved one to the amazing experience of flight. A trial flying lesson will be an unforgettable Christmas gift or birthday present. The experience is the perfect introduction to learning to fly, or just a chance to enjoy seeing the world from above, it’s up to you.

Our vouchers are supplied as a gift card complete with envelope, just write your own message inside.

Last minute gift? We dispatch next day via 1st class post but if that’s going to be too late let us know and we can send an e-voucher instead.

Taster Flight: 30 minute taster voucher £79

Phil B. learning in the C-42

A taster of flight, with an opportunity to try the controls and fly the aircraft. This voucher is perfect for someone who has never flown before and who has always wanted to experience flight.


Classic Flying Lesson: 60 minute voucher: £129

Ely Cathedral.
Our most popular voucher, a hour long trial lesson allows much more time at the controls and a flight further away from the airfield.

The hour long flight is the same length as a normal flying lesson and allows time to learn how each of the aircraft’s main flying controls work in flight, as well as a chance to see the surrounding landscape from the air.


Coast Flight: 90 minute voucher £189

HunstantonA flight over West Norfolk out to the North Norfolk coast and back past the stunning red and white limestone cliffs of Hunstanton and the historic port of King’s Lynn. This flight offers a longer time at the controls as well as more time to sample the stunning views.

This voucher is best suited to someone who has already flown in a light aircraft before, if the recipient has never experienced the lighter end of flight before, we recommend one of our shorter flights first to sample the experience.


Land Away Tea and Cake Flight: £249

Rutland Water.

This voucher offers a flight over historic Fenland to another airfield, where we will land for refreshments and a slice of cake. This will allow you to experience 2 landings and take-offs and see what it’s like to travel by light aircraft in the UK.

This is the type of flying you will easily be able to do once you have your licence, and as well as being an introduction to flying the C-42, it’s also an introduction to how we navigate between airfields. The return flight follows a different route and total flight time is approx. 95 minutes.

As with the 90 minute flight, if you’ve not flown in a light aircraft before we recommend a shorter flight first.


Flying Start Gift Package: £395 -Save £45-

If you or a loved one are serious about leaning to fly, our Flying Start gift package acts as a taster for the full course. It includes:

  • 3 hours of flight training.
  • 1 hour of ground tuition.
  • Your own pilot’s log book to record your hours.
  • A laminated checklist for the aircraft and a key airspeeds reminder sheet.
  • The book Pilots Briefing Notes by Paul Dewhurst which will allow you to get to most out of each flight.

By the end of this short course you’ll most likely be hooked and will want to continue learning to fly, but even if you don’t, you will come away from it with a good working understanding of what keeps an aeroplane in the air, how each of the controls work in flight, and the basics of finding your way around up there.

This course is ideal for someone who has enjoyed a trial flight and would like to build on the experience, it is also suitable for anyone seriously considering learning to fly.

Contact us to purchase the Flying Start Package.


All vouchers include free club membership for a month and all flight time will count towards a pilot’s licence.

The recipient must be 14 years+ Maximum weight is 110kg (18 stone.) Vouchers are valid for 9 months from date of purchase.

Family and friends are very welcome to come along and watch, but for safety reasons no dogs are allowed on site.